This page features forthcoming events organised by the Anachronism and Antiquity team, as well as talks and presentations on anachronism-related topics by members of the project at other conferences and workshops. For details of our recent conference, see the blog post Anachronism and Antiquity: looking backwards and the conference programme below.

Seminar series

We will be holding a seminar series in Oxford during Trinity Term 2019 (April-June): full details of the programme are available here. The seminar meets in the First Floor Seminar Room, Ioannou Centre, Mondays 2-3.30pm, except for weeks 2 and 6 when we will be taking a break to attend faculty meetings.

Conference panel

We will be presenting a panel, Anachronism and Antiquity, at the FIEC/CA conference in London, July 5-8 2019. Our session is on Monday 8th at 3pm, with the following presentations:

  • Tim Rood (St Hughs College, University of Oxford, UK), Short Introduction
  • John Marincola (Florida State University, USA), Polybian Temporalities
  • K. Scarlett Kingsley (Agnes Scott College, USA), Chronopoiesis in the Scholia of Euripides
  • Mathura Umachandran (University of Oxford) Adorno and Homer’s Late Style: Art as Catastrophe
  • Carol Atack (University of Oxford), Plato’s Republic and the politics of presentism

Past events

Anachronism and Antiquity: Configuring Temporalities in Ancient Literature and Scholarship

The Anachronism and Antiquity team held its international conference ‘Anachronism and Antiquity: Configuring Temporalities in Ancient Literature and Scholarship’, at Florida State University, Tallahassee, Florida, on March 23-24, 2018.


8.15–9.00 Breakfast, Turnbull Center, Room 114
9.00–9.05 Welcome, John Marincola, Florida State University
9.05–9.15 Opening Remarks, Tim Rood, St Hugh’s College, Oxford
FIRST SESSION ~ Carol Atack, presiding
9.15–10.15 Constanze Güthenke, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, ‘“For Time is / nothing if not amenable” – Exemplarity, Time, Reception’
10.15–10.45 Coffee/Tea Break
SECOND SESSION ~ Tom Phillips, presiding
10.45–11.45 Mark Payne, University of Chicago, ‘The Future in the Past: Hesiod and Speculative Fiction’
11.45–12.45 Brooke Holmes, Princeton University, ‘The Temporal Relation: Flow, Fold, Kairos’
12.45–14.15 Lunch, Turnbull Center, Room 114
THIRD SESSION ~ Tim Rood, presiding
14.15–15.15 K. Scarlett Kingsley, Agnes Scott College, ‘Euripides’ Scholiasts: Blending Temporalities Heroic and Present’
15.15–16.15 Emily Greenwood, Yale University, ‘Reading Across Time: Thucydides’ History as Literature of Witness’
16.15–16.30 Coffee/Tea Break
FOURTH SESSION ~ John Marincola, presiding
16.30–17.30 Carol Atack, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, ‘Plato’s Queer Time: Dialogic Moments in the Life and Death of Socrates’


8.15–9.00 Breakfast
FIFTH SESSION ~ John Marincola, presiding
9.00–10.00 Barnaby Taylor, Exeter College, Oxford, ‘Archaism and Anachronism in Lucretius’
10.00–10.30 Coffee/Tea Break
SIXTH SESSION ~ Carol Atack, presiding
10.30–11.30 Tom Phillips, Merton College, Oxford, ‘Shelley’s Plastic Verse: the “Hymn to Mercury”’
11.30–12.30 Ellen O’Gorman, University of Bristol, ‘Reception and Recovery: Rancière’s Authentic Plebeian Voice’
12.30–12.45 Closing Remarks, John Marincola
12.45–13.45 Lunch

  • The conference is sponsored by the Department of Classics, the Department of History, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Florida State University.
    For assistance with the conference the organizers would like to express their heartfelt thanks to Dr Sam Huckaba, Patrick Byrne, Ramsey Mullins, and Hannah Edwards.


Other past talks and events

  • ‘In my end is my beginning: anachronizing innovation’, Tim Rood, 8th OIKOS Anchoring Innovation Expert Meeting and opening event of the Gravitation Research Program Anchoring Innovation: Endings & Beginnings, Arnhem, Holland, April 19-20, 2018.
  • ‘”An origin for political culture”: Laws III as Political Thought and Intellectual History’, Carol Atack, Democracy and Its Rivals: Plato’s Statesman and Laws, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen, May 24-25, 2018.
  • ‘The kairos between rhetoric and philosophy in classical Athens’, Carol Atack, Grasping Kairos Research Workshop, Amsterdam, June 14-15, 2018.
  • ‘The work of the free: the politics of liberality in Xenophon’s Cyropaedia‘, Carol Atack, Liberality, ancient and modern, Munich, July 2018.
  • ‘The Fragility of Democracy: Lessons from the Classical Past’, Carol Atack, St Hugh’s College, Oxford, 6pm, November 21 2017.
  • ‘Apollonius’ Argonautica and the Travels of Lyric’, Tom Phillips, Ancient Greek Poetry & Poetics: Interactions  Between Theory & Practice, University College London, September 21-22, 2017.
  • ‘Plato’s Critique of Political Thought in Laws III’, Carol Atack, New Approaches to Plato in Context, Celtic Classics Conference, Montreal, July 19-22 2017.
  • Re-reading the Marmor Parium‘, Carol Atack, Ashmolean Reading Images Seminar, Oxford, Trinity Term 2017, May 3 2017.

Thucydides 6 seminar, Oxford, Trinity Term 2017

  • 24 April: John Marincola, Thucydides 6.1-5.
  • 15 May: Carol Atack: problems of speech and knowledge in the debate at Syracuse (6.32.3-40).
  • 5 June: Tim Rood: the ancient reception of Thucydides’ account of the Sicilian Expedition.